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Animal Shelter

The Animal Shelter is available to county residents and provides services for the adoption and surrendering of dogs and cats.


Appraises Real Property and Manufactured Homes for tax purposes.


The Auditor's office bills all personal property taxes in Chesterfield County.

Buildings & Codes

Issues building permits required for construction and improvements.

Clerk of Court

Serves the Circuit and Family Courts and is responsible for docket management, receipts, fines, and records.


The Coroner has jurisdiction over all deaths investigated by his office.

Economic Development

Responsible for the marketing and promotion of Chesterfield County.

Emergency Management

Coordinates planning, response, and recovery to ensure public safety.


Ensures that invoices are received, paid, and recorded in a timely and efficient manner.

Human Resources

Provides valuable services, benefits, and training to county employees.


Responsible for setting bail, conducting preliminary hearings and issuing arrest and search warrants.

Probate Court

Assists citizens in probating estates, obtaining marriage licenses, appointing guardians and conservators and other settlements.

Public Works

Oversees construction and maintenance of roads, signs and bridges, and landfill operations.

Register of Deeds

Records and maintains all land records and makes them readily available for public viewing

Sheriff's Office

Responsible for the protection of life and property of county citizens.

Tax Collector

Responsible for collecting property taxes and other taxes.


Responsible for collecting property taxes and provides info on taxation.

Veterans Affairs

Provides assistance to veterans and their survivors in applying for benefits.

Voter Registration & Elections

Promotes and facilitates registration and conducts fair and impartial elections.